What is Mind Money Masters?

Welcome to our site! Mind Money Masters is a one stop site for all things related to Mindset, Motivation, and Money Matters. We discuss financial education, personal finance, retirement, business ideas, Insurance and specifically ways to master them all! Our motto “Mind, Money, Masters; If you can control the first two, you become the third at anything!”

Mission Statement:

To make a positive difference in the world for all people by helping them to understand how personal finance works, how money flows in the economy, and how a positive mental attitude can allow anyone to achieve wealth.

Hello and welcome to Mind Money Masters, I’m Cameron, your guide on this journey through the murky waters that many people are too afraid to admit, scares them. Personal Finance.

This journey started for me in 2010 when I hit rock bottom emotionally and financially. It was difficult to pull 5 dollars together and I was living on my grandmothers couch in Texas. Mind Money Masters is the brainchild that started 10 years ago in Texas. Fortunately, those times are in the past, more on this in my blog section. First, let’s discuss what you will read about on this site.

Mind Money Masters Focus

Firstly, I am not your standard Personal finance blogger who talks about how you must save and invest for 50 years and then retire safely. There would be nothing essentially wrong with that concept, except that it may not possible in today’s economy. Saving and investing are extremely important and there are ways to be very successful with this, which I will share. Secondly, the goal of our content is to challenge your mindset and help you reach financial Freedom.

Thirdly, the focus of this site is how money works and how it flows. Financial education is the only way to fully understand this concept. Ultimately, I can only give you ideas and tools, you will ultimately make all the decisions because you are the master of your own destiny and will master your own mind and money. Many people will tell you that you need to save and get rich slow however, I’m not hear to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. I would simply like to offer the three sides of a coin; Heads, Tails or the Edge.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “the rich don’t work for money.” I read this once and as a result, it changed my life. Are you curious? I do discuss this concept in my blog, but I read this in Rich Dad, Poor Dad. If you haven’t read it, please pick up a copy. It is a very quick read and hopefully will change your life as well.

In conclusion, this is not a site that will tell you you can get rich quick, getting rich takes time and it takes work. There are options and paths that are faster than others and I am happy to share my journey of how I reached financial freedom. The content on this site will show you that if you change your mindset and change your thinking, you will not only master your mind, but your money as well.

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers to your Success! See you at the Top.